margo plant


Margo started taking barre classes several years ago at the Barre District-North Avenue location, and she immediately found herself addicted. The challenging and effective workouts and the way she felt after going to class, combined with the warm, kind, and always welcoming community at the studio, is what made her devoted to Barre District.

Fitness has always been a passion for Margo, including a marathon, half-marathons, Ragnar races and various fitness classes and events. Barre has been such a great compliment to these activities, providing both flexibility and strength training.

When life presented a change of location for Margo and her family, she was determined to become a barre instructor and open her own studio in Madison. 

Margo is an elementary school teacher by training, and has practiced her patience and coaching as a stay-at-home mom to her three young boys over the last twelve years. Margo enjoys teaching in this new capacity, always likes pushing clients to be their best self, and is excited to provide an inclusive space for everyone to workout and make meaningful connections.


Molly Anderson

Molly has been a barre client since 2016, a barre instructor since 2017, and is so excited to continue teaching barre at Barre District - Madison. A former soccer player, Molly suffered multiple knee injuries throughout her childhood and was left with limited options for her activity and fitness routine. She quickly fell in love with barre classes, as the low impact and repetitive strengthening exercises allow her to work hard, challenge herself, and feel stronger than ever during each class without furthering her previous injuries. Molly loves to help push clients out of their comfort zone and into their shake zone--she will gladly kick your seat when you come to her class! Molly also teaches elementary school in the Madison Metropolitan School District, is a Madison native, and is married to her husband, Evan. When she is not at the studio, Molly enjoys spending time with friends and family, being outside, knitting, and eating ice cream :)


jEnn mayrl

Jenn began taking barre classes in 2016 shortly after moving to Wisconsin. The barre studio proved to be a great escape from the chaos of moving and managing the transition of her family into a new city. This little one hour escape grew into a regular routine and a real love of barre. Jenn  fell in love with how strong the barre workout made her feel and the sense of community it provided.
A registered nurse by training with a career that has focused on geriatric and hospice care, Jenn has been lucky enough to take a hiatus from her career to be home with her three small kids. When she isn’t chasing after her kids or at the barre, Jenn enjoys traveling, hiking, coffee, and beer sampling.