margo plant


Margo started taking barre classes several years ago at the Barre District-North Avenue location, and she immediately found herself addicted. The challenging and effective workouts and the way she felt after going to class, combined with the warm, kind, and always welcoming community at the studio, is what made her devoted to Barre District.

Fitness has always been a passion for Margo, including a marathon, half-marathons, Ragnar races and various fitness classes and events. Barre has been such a great compliment to these activities, providing both flexibility and strength training.

When life presented a change of location for Margo and her family, she was determined to become a barre instructor and open her own studio in Madison. 

Margo is an elementary school teacher by training, and has practiced her patience and coaching as a stay-at-home mom to her three young boys over the last twelve years. Margo enjoys teaching in this new capacity, always likes pushing clients to be their best self, and is excited to provide an inclusive space for everyone to workout and make meaningful connections.


jEnn mayrl

Jenn began taking barre classes in 2016 shortly after moving to Wisconsin. The barre studio proved to be a great escape from the chaos of moving and managing the transition of her family into a new city. This little one hour escape grew into a regular routine and a real love of barre. Jenn  fell in love with how strong the barre workout made her feel and the sense of community it provided.
A registered nurse by training with a career that has focused on geriatric and hospice care, Jenn has been lucky enough to take a hiatus from her career to be home with her three small kids. When she isn’t chasing after her kids or at the barre, Jenn enjoys traveling, hiking, coffee, and beer sampling.

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Erica Hegi

Erica first discovered barre by attending Barre District- Madison’s grand opening in 2018. Erica immediately fell in love with the training- seeing herself get stronger in every class, finding inner peace during stretches, and finding “Barre Besties” to hold her accountable. Erica especially loved the welcoming environment from everyone in the studio and knew that she wanted to become a part of the barre community. Balancing exercise with family, work and other responsibilities used to be difficult. However, after finding barre, Erica discovered that the highlight of her day was spent at the barre studio and she is looking forward to being your barretender!

Erica graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Education from UW-Whitewater and is currently a 5th through 12th grade choral director. Erica’s passion for teaching and background in music has not only helped her synchronize the barre choreography to the beat, but has also helped arrange playlists and create “lesson plans” for each barre class.  In her free time, Erica enjoys drinking iced chai lattes while reading a good book, spending time with family, playing piano, writing and listening to music, and going to concerts in Madison.


Maren Cyr

Maren started taking Barre classes when Barre District Madison opened and fell in love with it immediately, sometimes attending classes twice a day. Having been very passionate about exercise and fitness for many years she decided to join the Barre District Madison family and got her Group Exercise Fitness Certification to teach Fight classes. She loves the positive and welcoming atmosphere and the community feeling at the studio and feels like she’s finally found what she was missing at the big box gyms.

Maren loves to push clients out of their comfort zone and to witness and celebrate the strength they’re gaining as time progresses, all while having fun at class. Maren is originally from Germany but has lived in Hong Kong, China and Toronto, Canada for many years before moving to Madison with her family in 2013. When she isn’t busy spending time with her wonderful family, or at the Barre, she enjoys travelling, music, running, wining and dining and spending time with friends.

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Beth Volden

Beth quit beginner ballet as soon as she realized tutus were itchy, but growing up, she was always involved in sports to stay active and socialize with friends. After moving to the neighborhood, she took one class at Barre District - Madison and immediately signed-up for a class package. The workout offers a challenge that can accommodate any fitness level, and the studio could not be more welcoming! Beth is eager to share the studio's balanced lifestyle where booty burning barre sets turn strangers into friends.

Outside of the studio, Beth is fortunate to work with a great group of people at Trek Bicycle. Her days are the perfect blend of human interaction and Excel spreadsheets. After work, Beth can count on a grand, tail-wagging, greeting from her best bud, Bernard. They're both happy if the weekends are filled with family, friends, and outdoor seating.