Allison is a perfect example that following your dreams is possible and that you are never too old to make a change - especially when it entails changing your career to do something you are passionate about. Having spent over 25 years in Marketing, sitting at a desk and working at a computer a majority of the time and in roles where the work-life balance was a challenge, Allison was ready for a change. Allison has always been passionate about fitness and a balanced, healthy lifestyle.  She has dabbled in a number of different fitness activities and ran her first half marathon at the age of 40. But, once she tried her first Barre class she was hooked. 

Allison started with Barre District as a Barre Bestie taking classes. She fell in love with the Barre District community and with the barre workout. "I love that Barre District classes follow the techniques from the original Lotte Berk method. My muscles are more toned and elongated, my flexibility and balance have increased, and I am stronger in both body and mind."  Allison wanted to take what she was learning and teach others and moved into instructing. Taking it one more step she made Barre her career and transitioned into opening up the Menomonee Falls studio.

When Allison is not at her studio, she is spending time her amazingly supportive husband, Daniel, and their two kids, Parker and Spencer, in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin.

"Nothing is impossible. The word itself says I'm Possible! - Audrey Hepburn


Anna Holz

Born and raised in Milwaukee, Anna is a 414 native. Growing up taking dance classes and participating in various sports throughout school always kept  Anna active, but after having children finding the right fitness routine was a challenge, to say the least. Many failed attempts at "home-school" exercise and big box workouts later a friend suggested trying barre. It has been life-changing.  She immediately fell head over heels in love with everything from the empowering workout, the quick results (both physical and mental), as well as the amazing culture and community of the Barre Besties. A desire to contribute more to that community led to instructing and becoming a part of the Menomonee Falls Barre District family.  When she is not taking or teaching barre, Anna enjoys cooking with her chef husband, chasing after her two boys and little dog too! You may also find her tending another type of bar at Milwaukee's best restaurant.


Emily Hornbeck

Emily has always been a particularly active person. She has a background in martial arts and has a love-hate relationship with running. It wasn't until she found barre that she fell in love with a workout. Barre District is a community that has taught her to respect and love her body. She feels it's the workout that pushes you and shows how strong and capable you really are. Barre has been an escape from past insecurities, current stress and has been an overall support system for her. She can't wait to share what she has learned over these years as a barre bestie!

Malia Chow.jpg


Malia Chow

Malia has over 15 years of experience as a dance instructor and is passionate about inspiring individual's (especially girls and women) growth, and nurturing and encouraging their potential. She strongly believes that wellness is not only physical, it is also cultivated by the collective support of peers and leaders, and the culture surrounded by it.

Malia now finds herself eager to work out and connecting with the instructors, and fellow classmates (Barre Besties).  “The culture that Barre District has built, has helped me become a stronger version of myself.  Despite being physically fit for much of my life, until I began taking barre classes, I was never able to touch my toes!--  On a good day, I can now do the splits!”  This is just one physical example of many, on how Barre District has created such a positive impact on her life.


Sara Hammer

Sara came to us as a group fitness exercise instructor whose primary focus is on strength training. After an auto-immune disease diagnosis back in 2014, she was tasked with finding a new way to work out. That change catapulted her into the world of Barre and she hasn’t looked back since. She is a mom of two busy boys ages 6 and 7. There is nothing she loves better than a challenge. You’ll find her making sure each of your classes is fun, intense and unique but most importantly, wanting to come back for more! Her overall goal is to inspire others to join her in pushing your bodies to grow stronger in new, ever-growing ways and to be proud of it.

During her downtime, you can find her with her nose forever in a book, working on her lifestyle blog, outside playing games, at the pool or in the kitchen making allergy-friendly meals taste as good as the real stuff. She also enjoys sipping wine and getting together with friends old and new.


Sarah Mather

As far back as Sarah can remember she has always been active. Sitting still has never really, well, sat well with her. The best version of herself is when she's moving forward positively challenging mind and body. After moving to Wisconsin from Oregon in 2012, it was frustrating not finding something that provided a personal challenge. Sarah began attending Barre class in June 2017 and hasn't looked back. The mental and physical benefits have been amazing. Classes constantly change and the Barre District Community is phenomenal. Sarah will always be a student. She looks forward to experiencing as an instructor the positive change Barre District, as a community, will have on so many individuals lives, including her own.

Sarah's free time is spent trying to sneak in date nights with her husband, Todd. Wrangling her four and two-year-old sons, Zachary and Wyatt. And yelling at their 1-year-old dachshund, Brät, to get off the couch.

The one thing we can always control in this unpredictable life is our effort. Effort creates action. Action creates momentum. Momentum creates success.

-Dwayne Johnson