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 “I loved barre immediately!! It was such a great workout for me. I worked muscles I didn't even know I had and saw my body change!”, “I want all of my clients to feel comfortable, at home and make Barre District their happy place just liked It has been for me.”

Mary discovered barre when she was expecting her third son at age 37. While she was pregnant she was looking for a workout that challenged her and helped her get her post baby body back faster. When Mary found out Barre District was coming to Bay View, WI a few months after her son was born, her and her sister signed up for the grand opening class and then was hooked. She would drive 35 minutes from her home in Racine to make it to classes at least 2 to 3 times a week. The changes in her body that no other workout has ever done is what made her pursue the lifestyle and open a Barre District of her own.

Mary has been an educator for the past 16 years and is excited to continue sharing her love for teaching in a new capacity. She is determined to help others improve their body, mind and soul.

Kris Rohde

Her days are spent working in the Medical Software field and her nights are at the BARRE! Whether it is exercise or sports, Kris has always lived an active lifestyle. After being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, Kris struggled to find a workout that would be beneficial to her new lifestyle AND keep her in great shape. Then, she found BARRE! Kris' unique approach to physical fitness incorporates health as a whole...she promotes Strong NOT Skinny :)

Besides BARRE, you can find Kris enjoying time with her two beautiful daughters, being adventurous, traveling, attending sporting events, or sipping some wine.  

Melissa Holwell

I started Barre while living in Indianapolis. A friend of mine dislocated her kneecap while doing a trampoline exercise class, and her physical therapist recommended Barre. We did a free class together, and I fell in love with it. I had never experienced a class that was so well rounded before.

When I moved back to Milwaukee I was happy to find a new Barre studio right in my old neighborhood of Bayview. I remembered seeing a lot of pregnant women doing Barre in Indianapolis, so I decided to make it my goal to do Barre throughout my entire pregnancy. I accomplished this goal; I did my last class pregnant on a Sunday and delivered my first son on a Tuesday!

Barre District has become a huge part of my life, and my son Asher loves playing at Kid District. I'm excited to now become an instructor and share it with others!



Alexis took her first Barre class at the Oak Creek studio’s Grand Opening and was instantly hooked.  After years of running, Alexis was looking for alternate ways to get a great workout without the stress that running put on her body.  Barre gave her the challenging workout she desired, along with a new found strength and confidence.  Her passion for fitness along with her desire to support and encourage other women made the decision to become an instructor an easy one. 

When she’s not at the Barre she’s working in the health insurance industry. She loves spending time with her husband, family and dogs. She has a passion for cooking, wine and coffee.

Jessica Blazekovic

Jessica has always been into fitness and health. She started dancing at 14 and now runs her own Dance Academy in Burlington. After moving with her husband to Oak Creek she sought out a new place to exercise and found Barre District. She fell in love and now is excited to share her passion for dance and working out with you! Let's motivate eachother and sweat together!