Kippy Kenyon

New Berlin Studio Owner

Kippy grew up in the Brookfield/New Berlin area. She attended Fashion School at the Art Institute of Illinois. After college, Kippy worked in the restaurant industry for nearly 15 years, where she developed a love for cooking, wine, and beer.

Kippy had always held gym memberships and attended various fitness classes, but when she found Barre it changed her fitness life! It was Kippy’s sister-in-law that invited her to a class at Barre District, and it was love at first class. After moving back to New Berlin in 2016, it was apparent that a Barre District studio was much needed in the area. After months of planning, searching, and saving, the perfect studio location presented itself. With the help of family and friends, Barre District New Berlin opened in September 2018.

Besides barre, yoga, and long walks, Kippy enjoys spending time with her husband and daughter, crafting, cooking, and spending time with family and friends.



Allie has always been into exercise and fitness, but when a knee injury made her daily run impossible, she had to change up her workout routine. She tried barre, and immediately knew she had found her new addiction. Now, she's stronger than ever and in the best shape of her life, all thanks to Barre District!  She's passionate about helping others find their perfect workout, and thinks everyone could use a little barre in their life!

Besides barre, Allie loves cooking, playing with her dogs, crossword puzzles, margaritas, and of course, her husband.

tori bio.jpg

Tori Seiter

Tori is a  Massage Therapist, Thai Bodyworker, Certified Health Coach, WI Adventure Mama Rep, and boy mom. She has been infatuated with the body for quite some time. Now over a decade later, Tori understands how lifestyle choices manifest themselves through the body and that Food + Bodywork/Movement facilitate the body’s natural ability to heal itself. To her, it's all about helping people reconnect to themselves and she so excited to be a BarreTender!

“I’ll never forget my very first class. Looking around at the other ladies wondering I was doing it right because my arms wanted to fall off, and I had already dropped my weights... Then, I swore a girl across the room was just showing off! But now I know that it does get easier, still challenging, but easier. The body gets stronger. You just have to keep pushing yourself!”

During her down time ToriI tries to be outside as much as possible. She loves to get out hiking with her two boys, and with out them, as much as possible. Other than that Tori is a Magnolia junkie, spends an incredible amount of time weeding, and is an equal parts green smoothie to Beer Garden enthusiast. All about that #balance.


Kris Rhode

Her days are spent working in the Medical Software field and her nights are at the BARRE! Whether it is exercise or sports, Kris has always lived an active lifestyle. After being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, Kris struggled to find a workout that would be beneficial to her new lifestyle AND keep her in great shape. Then, she found BARRE! Kris' unique approach to physical fitness incorporates health as a whole...she promotes Strong NOT Skinny :)

Besides BARRE, you can find Kris enjoying time with her two beautiful daughters, being adventurous, traveling, attending sporting events, or sipping some wine.  


Emily Hornbeck

Emily has always been a particularly active person. She has a background in martial arts and has a love-hate relationship with running. It wasn't until she found barre that she fell in love with a workout. Barre District is a community that has taught her to respect and love her body. She feels it's the workout that pushes you and shows how strong and capable you really are. Barre has been an escape from past insecurities, current stress and has been an overall support system for her. She can't wait to share what she has learned over these years as a barre bestie!


Sena Czubin

Sena is a Registered Respiratory Therapist specializing in Neonatal intensive care. Before moving to Bayview, Sena grew up in Madison then spent 9 years living in San Diego where she practiced Respiratory Therapy and  Massage therapy.  Sena has always been into Holistic health and fitness but after a couple of injuries doing HIIT workouts she found herself needing a great workout with out straining her joints.  Sena finally found Barre District in 2016 and has been obsessed ever since.  When Sena is not working or working out she loves spending time with her husband Dan, super spoiled dog Yogie, family, friends, traveling, dancing, and drinking red wine.