Christina Zarnowski


“I’ve learned it’s never too late to reinvent yourself, and I’ve invented something I love.”

Christina started her professional career in the beauty industry, working for Clinique, Prescriptives and freelancing for M.A.C. Eventually she transitioned her esthetics career into managing a locally owned salon in St. Petersburg, Florida. While living in Florida, she dabbled in fitness, ultimately focusing on running. In 2013, her family moved home to Wisconsin, and once their first winter hit, her love for running was forced indoors onto a treadmill of a big box gym. Christina began loving her time at the gym and soon decided she wanted to find a way to turn that love into a career. After taking a group fitness class and watching the instructor have the time of her life while teaching, she decided THAT was her dream - just didn't know what type of class. After discovering barre, and the changes it made, she knew that was the only workout she needed, and went on to complete her first certification in Chicago. Soon after being certified, she became manager of the Bay View barre studio taking the lead in developing new content and choreography. Nikki and Christina have since partnered, founded, and grown the Barre District Lifestyle Brand, and continue to expand it into more and more communities. Christina owns two Barre District locations, holds seven certifications in barre and fitness, and is one of the few people who has been trained, and holds a master level certification, in the Lotte Berk method. She creates new ongoing choreography, and provides training to all current and future studio owners and instructors. When Christina is not at her studios, she is spending time her amazingly supportive husband, Chris, and their two kids, Avianah and Crew, in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin.

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Allie Kruse

Allie has always been into exercise and fitness, but when a knee injury made her daily run impossible, she had to change up her workout routine. She tried barre, and immediately knew she had found her new addiction. Now, she's stronger than ever and in the best shape of her life, all thanks to Barre District!  She's passionate about helping others find their perfect workout, and thinks everyone could use a little barre in their life!

Besides barre, Allie loves cooking, playing with her dogs, crossword puzzles, margaritas, and of course, her husband. 


Amelia Toporsh

“The first way to live a happy, healthy life starts with love for oneself. I hope to kick your booty & promote self care in every Barre District class!”
Amelia played soccer, practiced yoga, did pilates, and enjoyed interval workouts for the span of her adult life. She comes from a holistic background and promotes healthy eating, natural medicine and knows the importance of physical and mental health. Amelia took to barre immediately as a client at Barre District because she enjoyed the physical endurance and how much it challenged her body. Her deep enjoyment for Barre District classes drew her to explore teaching, where her passion for positive self esteem and women’s self love underlies her love for instructing. Amelia has a BFA from MIAD & studied printmaking. Outside of teaching Barre, Amelia is the ‘Event & Party Coordinator’ in The Third Ward’s ‘The Wicked Hop’. Amelia also stays busy and loves spending time with her 5 year old daughter, Nadiya. She enjoys traveling, promoting mental & physical health, exploring essential oils & natural remedies - and a good red wine.


anna kees

“Since doing barre I have gotten more compliments on my body and I've never felt better about myself. I can't wait to see you at the barre!”

Anna is a lawyer by day, barre lover by night. She started working out for stress relief and to lose weight in law school, and kept going from there. She has done it all, from personal training to kickboxing to yoga. Eventually, only gravitating to barre. Anna enjoys taking and teaching classes at Barre District because of the challenging workout, amazing results, most welcoming instructors, and the best dose of self-esteem you can give yourself! When she’s not working or working out, you can find her sipping wine with friends or out on a walk with her husband and dogs.

Danielle B.jpg


“Find something you are passionate about and keep tremendously interested in it.” – Julia Child

By day, Danielle works in digital marketing as a writer and social strategist. She has always incorporated cardio workouts and strength training into her lifestyle, but didn’t realize how addicted she could be to a workout until she discovered Barre District. She’s certain it has truly changed her life, and almost guarantees it will change yours (both in appearance and mindset). Coming to class isn’t like going to a gym, it’s like hanging out with an amazing group of friends, and she’s so thankful to have joined the team as an instructor at the end of 2016.

She spends her free time with her husband renovating their 1924 Tosa bungalow, blogging, cooking and snuggling her two pups. 


Finding the right workout has always been a challenge for Emma. Before attending her first barre class she kept reading how addicting barre workouts could be, and didn't think that was possible. It only took a few Barre District classes for her to become an addict herself. She enjoys creating a fun atmosphere when she is instructing and likes to make people laugh. Outside of Barre District, Emma works as an events coordinator for a non-profit and a local florist shop. She enjoys time at home with her cats and husband, playing board games, watching tv, and catching up on celebrity gossip.




“In all aspects of my life, I work to inspire and motivate women to become healthy and love themselves.”
Lindsey is a social worker for the underserved. She started attending Barre in March of 2015 and loved it so much that she found the desire to become an instructor. Barre District is near and dear to her heart because it has helped her overcome a back injury and notice significant toning in her entire body. Prior to starting Barre, she mostly ran and did HIIT workouts. Nothing has changed her body as quickly as barre has. Lindsey enjoys teaching and gaining an amazing fitness family. In her free time, she loves spending time with her husband and two pups.


rachel foeckler

“I am passionate about seeing women pursue excellence vs. perfection, to challenge themselves, and grow. Teaching provides me perfect opportunity to incorporate this passion into my classes.”

Rachel discovered Barre back in the summer of 2013 and loved it from the start! After taking classes for a year she decided to become a certified instructor and taught at a studio for just under a year before joining the team at Barre Co. She loves Barre because it’s a fun, effective, and ever challenging workout. She has yet to take or teach a class without feeling sore the next day! Rachel grew up in Minnesota and spent most of her 20’s traveling. She has lived in Nashville, TN, Wellington, New Zealand, and San Diego. She moved to Milwaukee in the Spring of 2012, and married her husband, CJ, in April of 2015. Aside from Barre, she loves trying out new restaurants with her husband, reading, wine, and quality time with friends and family. She is excited to be a part of the Barre District family!