kid district

check your local studio for kid district availability and sign up

We think every busy parent should have an opportunity to do things that are good for them! That is why we offer a supervised child play area free of charge during certain class times so you can make Barre District part of YOUR lifestyle! Children must be at least 6 months old to play in Kid District. You must reserve a space for your child before arriving at the studio. You can do so by registering YOUR name in the Kid District class time schedule through the Barre District App, or by contacting your studio directly. If you must cancel a reserved space for childcare you must do so within TWO HOURS of the class start time for us to contact the sitter, or those who may be on the waiting list or wanting to sign up for that space and attend class. If cancellation does not happen within this two-hour time frame, a charge of $8 per child will be charged.