Bring Barre District to Your Community

If transforming lives is your passion and creating a fun, healthy and welcoming environment is your dream. Bringing a Barre District Lifestyle studio to your community might be your answer. Licensing to become a Barre District Studio owner fulfills the dream of entrepreneurship, provides the freedom of flexibility, and allows you to empower others to create healthier lifestyles. 

If you're already a Barre Bestie that has been to a Barre District Lifestyle Studio, loves our method and has a dream to bring the Barre District Lifestyle to your community - start the conversation and send your responses to our STUDIO OWNER QUESTIONNAIRE to

If you love barre and dream to own your own studio, but have never been to a Barre District Lifestyle location: arrange to experience your first Barre District class, and when you love our method and want to make it your own, submit your answers to our STUDIO OWNER QUESTIONNAIRE and attach your resume to


Q. What does it cost to own a Barre District Lifestyle Studio?

The cost to own a Barre District Lifestyle Studio is $30,000 for a Wisconsin based studio and $35,000 for any studio outside the state of Wisconsin. There is a service charge of 4% or $300 minimum that is based off your gross sales, due monthly. The total investment to open a Barre District Lifestyle Studio can range anywhere from $50,000-$90,000 and depends upon your location and circumstances. 

Q. How long is the process to open a Barre District Lifestyle Studio?

The timeframe to open a Barre District Lifestyle Studio can range anywhere from 3-18 months and depends upon your situation and circumstances. 

Q. What support, training and resources are provided when owning a Barre District Lifestyle studio?

Nikki Meesuen - Barre District CEO, Founder & Licensing Director, will be your dedicated consultant and guide through out the process of set up and evolution of your Barre District Studio. 

- Assistance with demographic research, site selection, and lease negotiation

- Buildout advice and complete vendor list for equipment and brand identity

- Assistance with MindBody software set up and training

- Merchandise and retail information

- Featured information on Barre District website with links to your studio's info, schedule and social media accounts

Christina Zarnowski, Barre District Co-Founder, Creative Director & MKE studio owner - trains you and your team; offering ongoing, dynamic choreography

- Onsite training program for studio owners and initial instructors hosted at our North Ave. training headquarters. 

- Continued education/training throughout the year:

      Weekly: Choreography of the week, "CHOW" weekly video 

      Monthly: BarreBase and BarreFight Choreography, and music playlists


Nikki Meeusen


Nikki Meeusen

Nikki Meeusen

is a Wisconsin native who has a passion for helping people better themselves through fitness and healthy lifestyle choices. She fell in love with the barre workout immediately after discovering a method derived from the original Lotte Berk technique, and dreamed to make it a bigger part of her lifestyle. She opened her first barre studio in Milwaukee, WI in 2015, has since partnered with Christina Zarnowski, and founded the brand, Barre District, a fitness studio that has an emphasis on an all-encompassing healthy lifestyle

As the brand's CEO, she creates the the opportunity and provides assistance for new owners to continue to bring the Barre District Lifestyle into more and more communities. The innovation of Barre District studios is to provide the transformative barre workout, and to create community through collaboration with other businesses and organizations to provide a place, products, and resources that contribute to helping people create healthier lifestyle habits. 

When she is not taking barre classes or working to grow Barre District, Nikki is all about having fun with friends, has a passion for growing flowers, loves animals, pizza, beer and anything WI local. She enjoys to garden, be outdoors, and spend time with her husband, Eric, and their daughter, Kenzie.

Allow your passion to become your purpose and naturally it will become your profession.



Christina Zarnowski

Christina Zarnowski

Christina started her professional career in the beauty industry, working for Clinique, Prescriptives and freelancing for M.A.C. Eventually she transitioned her esthetics career into managing a locally owned salon in St. Petersburg, Florida. While living in Florida, she dabbled in fitness, ultimately focusing on running. In 2013, her family moved home to Wisconsin, and once their first winter hit, her love for running was forced indoors onto a treadmill of a big box gym. Christina began loving her time at the gym and soon decided she wanted to find a way to turn that love into a career. After taking a group fitness class and watching the instructor have the time of her life while teaching, she decided THAT was her dream - just didn't know what type of class. After discovering barre, and the changes it made, she knew that was the only workout she needed, and went on to complete her first certification in Chicago. Soon after being certified, she became manager of the Bay View barre studio taking the lead in developing new content and choreography. Nikki and Christina have since partnered, founded, and grown the Barre District Lifestyle Brand, and continue to expand it into more and more communities. Christina owns two Barre District locations, holds seven certifications in barre and fitness, and is one of the few people who has been trained, and holds a master level certification, in the Lotte Berk method. She creates new ongoing choreography, and provides training to all current and future studio owners and instructors. When Christina is not at her studios, she is spending time her amazingly supportive husband, Chris, and their two kids, Avianah and Crew, in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin.

I’ve learned it’s never too late to reinvent yourself, and I’ve invented something I love.