At Barre District we believe being healthy AND fit
isn't a fad or A trend. it's a lifestyle.

Barre District is a lifestyle concept that combines elements of ballet dance conditioning, pilates and yoga into a full body workout. Based off of techniques from the original Lotte Berk method, a Barre District class will tone and elongate muscles, increase flexibility, and strengthen you both physically and mentally. Our mission is to connect within our communities to make the barre workout the way we change lives, and to promote a healthier lifestyle through strength, flexibility and relationships with one another. 

All of our Barre District Lifestyle studios are individually owned, community-based, and designed to support and promote other small businesses. We seek to create valuable relationships amongst one another and partner with other companies that work to improve the lives of others. Our goal is to provide a space for people to come together to do good, feel good, and create better lifestyle habits.

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